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Squad up with your friends, grab your loadouts, and compete for cash prizes! Our skill-based Warzone tournaments are furious, fast, and fun, with top rewards for all divisions. Ready to show your gameface?


Weekend Trio Madness
Date: Sat, Oct 23
Start Time: 11:00 PM
Weekend Trio Madness
Weekend Trio Madness

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Enjoy better games and stand a higher chance of winning by competing with friends at your skill level. We group players with similar kill death ratios – games are more exciting and anyone could be on top!


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Party up and earn rewards

Whether you play solo or are looking for new friends, our community offers it all. Join in on the most dynamic Call of Duty: Warzone community out there and earn rewards for playing in events, engaging with fellow members, and encouraging friends to show their gameface!

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GameFace automatically calculates your best games by combining your kills and match placement in real time.
Never settle for photo submissions and manual forms again. Focus on playing with your friends and winning those games!


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