Saturday Night Quads

$4,000 Prize Pool



Quads is back with a bang! Join us this Saturday for a Quads Kill Race. Grab three friends, put on your gameface, and get those dubs with your squad!


  • The format for this tournament is a public lobby kill race.
  • Teams are divided among four divisions based on their combined battle royale KD.
  • These divisions are automatically sorted as follows:
    • Recruit - Combined KD of 4.00 or less.
    • Operator - Combined KD between 4.01 and 8.00.
    • Contender - Combined KD between 8.01 and 12.00.
    • Specialist - Combined KD of 12.01 or more.
  • One player's battle royale KD cannot be more than 40% of a division's KD cap.
    • E.g: 40% of 4.00 is 1.60. Only if your team's combined KD is less than 4.00 and one player is over 1.60 battle royale KD will you receive an error message during sign up.

Prize distribution

  • All prizes are split equally among your team’s players.
    • The first-place team in each division will receive $600.
    • The second-place team in each division will receive $300.
    • The third-place team in each division will receive $100.