Free Midweek Trios

$120 Prize Pool



Free Midweek Trios is back and better than ever! Get your trio ready to compete for cash prizes this Wednesday night. Put on your GameFace and get those dubs!


  • The format for this tournament is a public lobby kill race.
  • Teams are divided among four divisions based on their combined battle royale KD.
  • These divisions are automatically sorted as follows:
    • Recruit - Combined KD of 3.00 or less.
    • Operator - Combined KD between 3.01 and 5.25.
    • Contender - Combined KD between 5.26 and 7.50.
    • Specialist - Combined KD of 7.51 or more.
  • One player's battle royale KD cannot be more than 55% of a division's KD cap.
    • E.g: 55% of 3.00 is 1.65. Only if your team's combined KD is less than 3.00 and one player is over 1.65 battle royale KD will you receive an error message during sign up.

Prize distribution

  • All prizes are split equally among your team’s players.
    • The first-place team in each division will receive $30.
    • The second-place team in each division will receive a $5 coupon per player for any future event.